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These are the questions most asked of the RE/MAX of New Jersey Help Desk staff. Click on a question to jump to the answer.

I. Getting Started/Making Changes


II. Using LeadStreet


III. Domain Names/Personal Promotion


IV. Further Questions

I. Getting Started / Making Changes

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How do I get or change a email address?

Email addresses that end with are maintained by RE/MAX International as part of RE/MAX MainStreet. You can get access this service at or by calling MainStreet Support at 888-398-7171.

How do I add my photo to my RE/MAX of New Jersey website?

Go to the Agent Photo Section under User Tab in LeadStreet, The best size for uploading to the NJ web site is 161 X 204 pixels and less than 50K. If you have difficulty sizing your photo, just email it to

How do I add my photo to my RE/MAX International profile?

For RE/MAX International, you need to log in to MainStreet,, and update your profile. If you have difficulty getting access or uploading the photo file, contact MainStreet support at 888-398-7171.

How can I accept my leads through my cell phone?

You can have leads sent to your cell phone via text messages. To receive these leads, you need to enter your text messaging address as described under the Instant Acceptance section of the USER tab. Below is a list of some of the common formats to enter your information.

Replace the directory assistance phone number below with your cell phone number.

Once you get the text message for a new lead, simply reply to the message and re-input the code that was sent to you in the text message. The format must be the two sets of numbers separated by a single space (E.g. xxxxx xxxxxx). Note that the space is required.

Are Team Sites available?

Yes. If you are set up as Team Leader in the FRAMES database, we can build a Team Web Site for you. Contact the help desk at requesting a Team Site and list all of the Team Members. If you are not sure if you are set up as a Team Leader in FRAMES, please check with your Office Administrator.

I am changing offices, what do I need to do with my web site?

We will take care of moving your web site and your clients to the new office. You are responsible for making sure that your new office makes the necessary changes in the FRAMES database. Contact your new Broker or Office Administrator to take care of this. You are responsible for making changes to your contact information under the USER tab as necessary.


II. Using LeadStreet

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What are my username & password?

Your username is typically your first initial and last name, all one word and all lowercase. ( i.e. jsmith )To verify, simply open your internet web browser and enter the following address:, replacing the xxxxx with what you believe your username to be. If your personal web site appears, then you have the correct username. In cases of common last names it may be your full first name and last name. (i.e. johnsmith) If you last name is hyphenated, both last names are used. (i.e. jsmithjones)

Once you have established your username, simply go to LeadStreet at and click on the “Lost your password? Click here” link and enter your username. Your password will be sent to you by email.

How does the lead system (offer and acceptance) work?

The RE/MAX of New Jersey website strategy is twofold. Our goal is to provide a personal website for every agent in the state, while maintaining a regional site to generate and distribute leads to our agents. A lot of questions have been received by the helpdesk about how these leads are offered, and specifically how it is possible to "miss" a lead. For a detailed explanation read the Tech Tip.

I often have trouble in the Intranet when I use AOL. Why?

In order to access all the functions on the NJ Intranet, you have to use Internet Explorer 6 or better. If you connect to the Internet using AOL, just minimize it and open the Internet Explorer browser. Note: AOL customers visiting the public side of the web site will have no problems with functionality.

When I enter an Exclusive or Demo listing manually, it asks for an MLS number. What should I use?

All you need to do is make one up. Try to stay away from the normal range of real MLS numbers when choosing a number so as not to conflict with a real listing. (i.e. if your MLS uses a 7 digit number starting with a 1, use a 6 digit number starting with a 7)

Why do my listings not appear under the LISTINGS tab?

Why do my listings appear with other agents' pictures associated with them on the Regional web site?

This is caused by either a missing or incorrect MLS Agent ID under your USER tab. Once the ID is in place, the problem should be corrected. If not, contact us at and provide the MLS numbers of any currently ACTIVE listings so that we can determine the problem.

What is IDX and how do I participate?

IDX (Internet Data Exchange or Broker Reciprocity) is the granting of permission for your listings to appear on other companies web sites in exchange for you being able to have their listings appear on yours. Each MLS system is different when it comes to how to participate. The best place to find out how would be to contact the MLS that applies to you.

I got a 14-day notice about lead restriction. Why? How do I get un-restricted?

As the listing agent, you are always offered regional leads on your listings first. If you have not logged into the Regional web site in the last 14 days, you will not be eligible for randomly distributed (IDX) or re-offered (second round) leads. All you need to do to have the restriction lifted is to go to LeadStreet at, and log in using your username and password.

Under the Controls section of my USER tab I see that I can forward leads. Why is my name not on the list?

There is no need to forward leads to yourself. This is so that you can forward leads to another agent. (i.e. a team member or while on vacation)

Why is there no contact information on the Prospect Alert for the client?

Once you have logged into LeadStreet and accepted the lead, the contact information will be available to you under the CONTACT LIST. You can accept the lead by clicking on the CLIENTS TAB, choose the pending lead and click on the ACCEPT LEAD button.


III. Domain Names/Personal Promotion

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Why do I need a domain name?

A domain name can be easier to remember ( than the generic name given to associates ( Include the MLS listing ID at the end to create a direct listing URL address. In a Listing Presentation, tell your clients their listing will have its own web address. Another great advantage to using a domain name is the capability of tracking the source of visitors to your web site. Now you can know where your leads are coming from and which sources are generating the most hits. You will also be able to determine the number of registrations from each source.

Can I use REMAX in my email address or domain name?

We do not recommend using REMAX in any domain name or email address with the exception of the address hosted by RE/MAX International.

Simply stated, if you wish to use REMAX in a domain name or e-mail address the following conditions must be met:

  1. The word “remax” must be separated from other words with a hyphen (-) or other punctuation.
  2. If the Web site or email address is for an office, the name must include the office name, city and state/province. An example of this is
  3. If the Web site or email address is for an individual or team, the name must include the individual’s or team’s name or initials – along with the office name, city and state/province. An example of this is

Unregulated use of RE/MAX trademarks weakens the RE/MAX organization’s rights of trademark exclusivity. RE/MAX International is obligated to protect its trademarks’ value and exclusivity so the marks retain value for all RE/MAX Affiliates.

How do I connect the domain name I just purchased to my web site?

This is a two step process:

Step 1 - Modify the Primary DNS to and the Secondary DNS to This will need to be done at the web site where you purchased the domain name. If you have difficulty with this step, contact and provide them with the domain name you purchased, where it was purchased at and the username / password for your account at the place where it was purchased.

Step 2 - Enter the domain name into the Domains section of the USER tab. NOTE: DO NOT do this until after Step 1 is completed as this could have a negative impact on the functionality of your web site.

Can I have an email address attached to my domain name?

Yes. If you have modified the DNS to point to the servers, contact the registrar where you bought the domain name and ask them for the appropriate settings for us to modify the MX Record. Send those settings to us at Once those changes are in place, the domain registrar should be able to provide you with email services and show you how to access your email.

What is an UNO address?

By simply combining the address with a forward slash (/) and your listing's MLS number, you can create a web address that takes your seller or prospect directly to the Property Information and Details page for that individual listing. This eliminates the search process for a single home view. Here is an example:

"" plus "/" plus "xxxxxxx" equals

Is that cool or what? Here's something even cooler. If you have your own personal domain name pointed to our regional website, it works with your name too! If you don’t have a personal domain you can also use your web address

I got a renewal notice in the mail / email about my domain. Should I pay it?

You should if it came from the same domain registrar that purchased it from originally. There are companies who send out notices prior to you domain expiration date to get you to switch to their service. It is very important that you verify that your domain is due to be renewed and that the company that contacted you is who you wish to renew with. Failure to do so could cause a disruption of your service or even loss of ownership of your domain.


IV. Further Questions

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How often do we download images and listing data from the MLS?

We attempt to download fresh data from the MLS’s Monday through Friday. Not every MLS provides updates on a daily basis, so some listing data may take up to a week to come over to our site.

If I don’t find my answer here, how do I contact the Help Desk?

The quickest way to receive a help desk response is by email. Contact for the Regional Web Site it is or 888-54-REMAX.

When I contact the Help Desk, what information do I need to provide?

When leaving a message please include your Full Name, Office Name, Phone Number, and email address. Leaving specific information regarding your problem will alleviate “Phone Tag” delays, allowing Help Desk staff to research issues and return calls with solutions.

Please leave only one message per issue. This will help save time when responding to messages. Whether sending an email or leaving a voice mail message, if it pertains to your problem, give your MLS system name and listing #, Virtual Tour link, or the name of a specific webpage where you are having a problem.

Remember, too much information is always preferable to not enough.