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Step by Step Technology Tutorials

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You may find that some of the videos present before the update are missing. Those videos will be reposted and new content will be added in the coming weeks.
  • Length: 4:19   This video will walk you through how to change what listings display on your homepage under your featured properties box as well as what listings will display when a client chooses to view all your featured properties..  

  • Length: 1:22   Step by step instructions on setting up your email forwarding address.  

  • Length: 15:45   Learn how to use the Design Center to create flyers, virtual tours, brochures and more!   Access the Design Center on MainStreet at  

  • Length: 8:12   I received the welcome letter now what do I do?   This video will show you where to get your login information for LeadStreet as well as the basic steps to get started with your website.